Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year

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Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year

The Germans-Темплеры, members of the cells of the nsdap from Jerusalem. Abbreviation OG,  Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year

The members of the community  темплеров, Or  Храмовое society , It is also known as the society of friends of Jerusalem, it. Jerusalemfreunde), Lutheran Church, composed of people from Germany. In the late 19th century, they founded a few of the colonies in Palestine.
In the early thirties was founded the cell of the national socialist party in Haifa; her founder became хайфский architect Carl Руфф. At the houses and cars are beginning to emerge темплеров swastika. In 1934, темплеры decide not to take the place of the Jews, and are beginning to welcome each other нацистским with a salute. In further темплеры cease to take the Jews at work, and entrepreneurs-Темплерам it is recommended that the termination of contracts with Jewish traders. In 1935, in Palestine, there were 250 members of the rearmament, and by 1938, their number reached 330, representing 17 per cent of the total number of Palestinian Germans. In the cells of the Jaffa, сароны вальхаллы and there were 113 members. The German youth in Palestine’s admission to the ranks of the union of German girls and the Hitler youth. Among the older generation темплеров infatuation national socialism does not all had been sanctioned, and in the central newspaper of the organization was published a critical article about this ideology, from the perspective of the author of the article was in fact идолопоклонством Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year .

Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year

Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year

For a few days before the start of the war, young men from the number of темплеров, former German citizens were intended to in the German army and left Palestine history.
At the beginning of the second world war, the remaining Palestinian темплеры were interned by British authorities as subjects of Germany. Part of the темплеров was sent to the camp in атлите, and young men with families were deported to Australia, in the camp for displaced persons near the town of татура. For the time of war, were committed by the three exchange of civilians, in the course of which part of the Palestinian темплеров was subsequently sent to Germany in exchange for the Jews from German concentration camps that Palestinian passport
After the end of the war темплерам in Australia was allowed to leave the camp in татуре, and in the year 1947 in Melbourne is beginning to work the headquarters of the society of the temple in Australia.
In Palestine, relevance to the remaining темплерам was hostile. On 22 March 1946, was killed last mayor сароны, Готлиф Wagner. The Car Wagner stopped on the road, pulled him out of the car and was shot at close range. The rest of the passengers of the car was not touched. In April 1948, the Jewish militants attacked the settlement of waldheim in Galilee, killing two people and wounding another.
After the education of the state of Israel, the remaining Palestinian темплерам, whose connection with the hungarians were still fresh in the memory, it was suggested to leave the country. 49 people have been sent to Germany, more than two hundred chose Australia, where and arrived in 1949 year. Ortsgruppen a local organization 1939 year.

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