Revolutions in World War 1

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Revolutions in World War 1


Political divisions of Europe in 1919 after the treaties of Brest_Litovsk and Versailles and before the treaties of treaties of Trianon,Kars,Riga and the Creation of Soviet Union and teh republics of Ireland and Turkey..

Perhaps the single most imported event Precipitated by the Privations of world war 1 was the Russian Revolution of 1917. A socialist and often explicitly communist revolutionary wave occurred in many other European countries from 1917 onwards, notably in Germany and Hungary.

As a result of the Russian Provisional Governments’ failure to cede territory, German and Austrian force defeated the Russian armies,and the new communist government signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk in march 1918. In that treaty Russia renounced all claims to Estonia,Finland,Latvia,Lithuania,Ukraine, and the territory of congress poland and it was left to germnay and Austria-Hungary “to determine the future status of these terriories in agreement with their population.” later on, Lenin’s government renouced also the partition of Poland treaty, making it possible for poland to claim its 1722 boders.however,the Treaty of Brest_Litovsk was renderd obsolete when Germany was defeated later in 1918. leving the Status of much of eastern Europe in an uncertain positions.

Revolutions in World War 1 Revolutions in World War 1 Revolutions in World War 1 Revolutions in World War

Revolutions in World War 1

Revolutions in World War 1

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